Quiz 8

Below is an OCT image obtained from a patient undergoing a coronary angiography. A lipid rich plaque is evident with a maximum lipid arc measuring 191 degrees. According to the literature, this OCT finding is an independent predictor of which of the following PCI related complications?

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An 85 year old man with a past medical history hypertension, dyslipidemia, tobacco use is referred for a coronary angiography. After stent placement, the following OCT pullback is obtained.After seeing this finding on the cross sectional OCT, a coronary angiography is performed. There is no limitation of flow or gross abnormalities visualized via angiography. Patient is asymptomatic and remains hemodynamically stable. What is visualized via the OCT pullback finding shown?

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Based on the two 3D OCT cut plane analysis images below, what has occurred here?

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A 67 year old woman undergoes rotational atherectomy of the mid LAD artery followed by placement of DES and OCT imaging is obtained and you see a dissection as indicated by the yellow arrow. You notice that the OCT pullback is darker than usual. What is the most likely cause?

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Which of the following letters represents the guidewire artifact?

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Which artifact is present on the OCT image below?

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