Quiz 7

All of the following statements are true regarding OCT except:

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What is predominantly visualized via the OCT images shown below: A and B, respectively?

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Which of the following OCT images represents a calcific nodule?

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A 62 year old female with a past medical history of diabetes and hypertension with stable angina is referred for coronary angiography. A diagnostic angiography is performed and the patient has 80% stenosis of the LCx artery. The operator performs pre-intervention OCT and subsequent coronary stenting. Of the listed choices, which of the following OCT imaging findings is the strongest independent predictor of peri-procedural myocardial infarction?

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A 72 year old male with a past medical history of hypertension and dyslipidemia is referred for coronary angiography because of progressively worsening symptoms despite optimal medical therapy. Coronary angiography is performed and intermediate stenosis severity is appreciated. OCT is used to obtain the target lesion minimal luminal area (MLA). All of the following are true regarding the MLA obtained via OCT except?

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When utilizing OCT to obtain a minimal luminal area (MLA) in a vessel with a reference diameter of ≥ 3.0 mm, what is the optimal OCT derived MLA to identify an FFR ≤ 0.80?

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